Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Life on Gaza’s Side of the Fence

With the money and donations they are getting from all over the world, they could've been the richest place in the area. Their own leaders are their biggest enemy!

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  1. The stupid left leaning world seaking a utopia that will never exist, have contributed to the ridiculous situation. Would any other country put up with this nonsense? Do the left leaning trouble makers realise that they have blood on their hands! They are paying people to murder other people! The climate concerns them why not MURDER? Take a good hard look at yourselves, you are proxy killers! AND BEST OF ALL, GAZA IS THE BEST REASON WHY A TWO STATE SOLUTION WILL NOT WORK! THEY HAD IT IN THEIR HANDS TO PROVE THAT THEY WOULD BE RELIABLE PARTNERS,OR NEIGHBOURS, AND THEY HAVE F-CKED IT ALL UP! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WOULD WANT TO LIVE ALONGSIDE THESE PEOPLE WHO PREACH AND PRACTISE MURDER!