Wednesday, July 22, 2015


The Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, has condemned the nuclear deal with Iran as a "farce": 

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  1. So, basically, the BBC interviewer is saying that Because Naphtali Bennet disapproves of the deal between America and Iran and the other powers, he is now obligated to share his country's defense plans with the BBC.

    This would be like saying the because Winston Churchill was against the pact between Germany and Italy, he must tell the radio audience of his defense plans fro D-day! How monumentally stupid would this assertion be? No less than the assertion by the BBC interviewer that Bennet must disclose his plans.

    There is absolutely no limit at all the the mind-numbing chutzpah, the supreme arrogance and self-possessed haughtiness of the BBC and the sheer insolence of many of its reporters when it comes to interviewing anyone that dares to take a pro-Israel stance.
    The notion that a minister in the government of Israel may have obligations to his people that transcend obliging an insolent BBC interviewer, is beyond the comprehension of this self-important interviewer.
    To Naphtali Benet: Please, next time you are asked purely arrogant questions by the BBC, explain on the air to the interviewer that your agreement to be interviewed does not subordinate the obligations of your position.